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Web Design Services

For professional, yet affordable web design services don’t go ahead with your project without contacting me.

Highly experienced in both building websites from the ground up through to delivering smaller projects such as makeovers or blog integration. From the very start your vision will be in good hands.

Fluent and creative in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP coding, there are only a few things I can’t get your site to deliver.

Whatever the required web design services or vision you have for your next online project, I can breathe life into it and I’ll turn your dream into reality.

the creative process

1: Discuss Your Project

The first step is to give me a call so I can discuss what you need, your ideas and what you’d like to gain from the project.

2: Produce a Mock-up

Once I take on your project I’ll design a mock-up. This will consist of “dummy” content and is mainly for design purposes.

3: Agreement

I continue to alter the mock-up with your input until I come to an agreement with you that fits with your ideas and your business.

4: Development

Once we have an agreement on a design, I’ll start the web development stage by populating the layout with your content until the build is complete.

5: Go Live

Exciting! Once your project goes live the job becomes listed as complete, HOWEVER…I am, and only ever will be, a phone call away if you need me.

6: Maintenance

After your project is signed off you’ll have two options, I can either supply you with a guide as to how to maintain your site, or, I can maintain it for you.

online shopping

Highly experienced in the development of e-commerce websites, I have what it takes to get your products for sale in no time.

Using the industry standard of the Woocommerce platform to design your online store, you won’t need to go on a steep learning curb to start serving your customers.

In being cost-effective I want your business and online store to succeed.  In this way, you’ll hopefully come back to Little Web Shack time and time again.

Services - Little Web Shack
Services - Little Web Shack

mobile friendly

With some  60% of Google searches now being completed using a mobile device, being mobile friendly, or responsive as it’s technically known is vital.  As a standard all the sites I design are fully responsive and look great on all devices (desktop, tablet and phone).  For example, check out my site on your phone.

Whether your project is small or large my aftersales service is second to none.  I offer all client’s an unlimited number of small revisions and ongoing support.  This is not time-limited either.  Should it be six weeks or six months since the delivery of your project, reach out and I’ll be there.

making your website engaging

Parallax is a modern buzzword in web design.  It can make your website a memorable experience for your visitors. (mouseover the above images)

There are two types of Parallax, scrolling and/or mouseover.  While this is a new tool in web design, there is nothing new about the process.  Parallax was a concept originally harnessed by Disney back in 1937.

It’s best used as a subtle effect to emphasize or draw attention to something on your site.

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free hosting

To get you started with your online venture I offer FREE hosting and management of your website for six months.

Your website will be hosted on lightning-fast cloud servers and your site will automatically be backed up every day.  I’ll take care of the updates and ensure your site can always be found.

If, after six months you decide to move to another host, that’s fine, but if you want to stay with me that’s even better.  And you’ll continue to get the same professional service for just £35 per month.

let's talk

I love talking about web design and I’m always pleased to engage in discussion about your vision for possible development.  You’ll be under no obligation to hire me, but you may find it useful to sound out some ideas with me.  And advice comes for free.

Contact me and start a dialogue today.