Hi and thanks for checking out this really basic demo.

The three videos below are all hosted on YouTube.  However, apart from a short flash of their logo in the bottom right of the screen, all of YouTube’s branding has been removed.

I have also spun some magic if the user clicks the pause button.  As you probably know, at that point YouTube fires up some other suggested videos at the base of the screen.  But I’ve set things up so that the mouse ignores all of these additional videos and clicking on any of them, just continues with the main video.

Also, at the end of the video YouTube spatters “suggested ” videos in a grid all over the player interface.  Clicking on any of these will just replay the main video.

This is important as you won’t want your subscribers drifting off to unrelated videos.

I would propose to use Dynamic Conditions to display the videos.  eg. “Show If User Is A Subscriber and Is Logged In”

Instead of using ACF I would propose to use JetEngine for the Custom Post Types and Jet SmartFilters to filter down to the content the subscriber wants to view.  And use Elementor Pro for the page builder and interface for JetEngine and Jet Smart Filters.

The other really import thing about this demo is that the location URL of the videos is not yielded up and is impossible to identify its YouTube URL – including by viewing the Source Code or by Element Inspection.

I have a number of subscription methods which I will gladly discuss with you.

I hope that my rough demo has stirred your appetite.  If it has or if you have any questions, please get in touch?

Best wishes and have a great day.


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