Client Worksheet


This was an unusual brief for me as previously to working on this site I had no concept or understanding of fertility coaching.

I always find it helps with the design process if I gain a good understanding of my client's industry or service.  So I did a lot of reading to bring me up to speed.

Zoe wanted to convey through the site her qualifications and offer a number of services.

This was to be an e-commerce site.  So I designed things in such a way that each service acted as a sales funnel and at the end of the page the visitor could easily book an appointment and pay at the same time.

Client Feedback


Robert worked really hard to build the site I wanted.  He was patient when I  tried a number of color schemes for the site.

He also was a real gem when it came to stock photos.  I didn’t have any but Rob sourced some great images from his account with Adobe Stock and he made no additional charges for doing this.

I highly recommend him.