If you’re in the music or entertainment business and are looking to grow you site’s traffic, forget Google Adwords or advertising on Facebook orTwitter and think music.

The Little Music Shack project is proven in tests to drive more and new traffic to your site. while retaining your existing visitors.

With music from thousands of artists and literally millions of tracks, Little Music Shack has something for everyone.


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With tonnes of different features for your site’s visitors to enjoy.  Little Music Shack offers services such as Playlist Creation (public & private).  Saving of tracks artists and albums you like to your dashboard.

Then there’s Artist Radio.  This is based on tracks or bands the visitor likes and the software automatically generates a stream of tracks from artists and genres it thinks the visitor will enjoy.

Little Music Shack performs and looks great on all devices (desktops, tablets and phones).

It has a powerful and fast Ajax Search, which returns results in Artists, Tracks and Albums.

Visitors can also browse music in the preset areas of “Popular Albums”, “New Releases”, “Popular Tracks” and a wide range of “Genres”.

Click on any image to see an enlarged copy

Click on any image to see an enlarged copy

Yes 100%!  Little Music Shack was developed using the publicly available API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) supplied by Google, Spotify, YouTube and last.fm.

API’s are a way of giving back so that small, independent developers can create new apps using parts of their software platform.

To the end-user the service is free and it’s this aspect which will drive new traffic and engage existing and regular visitors.

To have your own,  fully branded service on your own site has an installation and set-up fee of just £135.

In the form of an ogoing subscription to maintain the service, provide updates to both the software and artist data (new releases etc.) costs only £23.50 per month.  And there’s a minimum contract of only three months. 

After that, the service can be terminated at any time by giving one month’s notice.

No longer than three days, but typically the job is often completed in under a day.

Probably yes.  Any shared hosting plan is good enough for Little Music Shack to play on.

Unfortunately, Music Shack will not work on basic Managed WordPress accounts; the type Godaddy offers for $2.99 per month.

If you need some good hosting on a budget I can wholly recommend SiteGround.  I don’t have any affiliate agreement with them, so you can see my integrity is good.

No, not at all.  The music is streamed, not from your site, but from third-party sites as per their API use.

Mostly, music is streamed from the YouTube API.

As long your visitors have a good broadband connection, there’ll be no lagging or pauses in the stream.

With reference to the code which sits on your server, this is fully optimized so as to not cause any slowdown.

I’ll just need temporary access to you site’s cPanel as I’ll need to create a MySql Database, a sub-domain as the home of your music streaming (https://music.yourdomain.com) and create an FTP account.

An FTP account will enable me to upload the Little Music Shack code onto you server (all 45MB of it)

And finally a copy of your logo in order to brand the player with you business identity.

Click on any image to see an enlarged copy