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If this was a live booking system, in addition to being sent an email to confirm your booking, you could also be connected to a payment gateway.  This would facilitate the payment of a deposit or the full outstanding balance.

If you revisit the property you made a booking on, you’ll see the dates you chose are now greyed-out, so there will never be a double booking.

You as the Admin could be automatically be emailed whenever a new booking is made.

The process of managing your online booking requires no steep learning curve.  Far from it.  Properties can be managed by accessing the back office custom property form which Wayne and I will develop for you.  You will easily be able to change the information and/or prices etc and if you do get stuck, which is unlikely, we will be there to provide any support you need.

You will be able to offer two payment gateways if you wish – PayPal and Stripe.  Both services are easy to set up and do not have a sign-up fee.

If your cottages are not close together, then you may benefit from a type of Google Interactive Map as seen in this demo?

Bookings can automatically be added to Google Calendar.  If you also employ a booking service say, using iCal the external booking site could be synced with your integral system, so again there would not be any double bookings to sort out.

Using Advanced Booking System you may have a number of units that are the same and this can also be accommodated.  Also, you could apply a discount for guests booking for 14 days as opposed to a seven-day break.

You’ll easily be able to manage your guests and their bookings from a menu item (BOOKINGS) in the Admin Dashboard of WordPress.

It may all seem a bit overwhelming now, but within a couple of weeks, you’ll wonder what you did without it.

Please feel free to play around with this demo – you can’t break anything and Wayne and I will gladly field any questions you may have.


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